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Rodent Control
If your seeing or hearing things in your walls or attic it's time for a complete inspection of your home or business. Rhino with it's trained professionals can inspect your home or business and look for entry holes that provide access for your unwanted guests. After an inspection a detailed analysis can be reviewed along with costs involved and corrective measures can be administered.
Rhino's Corrective Measures
using Aluminum at roof returns.         Competitors look like this.....


Rhino's corrective measures
at other entry points.
This is a Rhino exclusive one way exit that allows for unwanted guests to leave for food and water and never return....Many times after the first night!!   No trapping needed!
Typical Rhino exclusion work requires the sealing of all entry points except one. Rhino then would install a one way exit in the last entry point. Once installed the unwanted guests would have a chance to leave the home or business for food and water and never be allowed to reenter the structure. The one way would stay in place for 5-7 days and then be removed and the last entry hole sealed. This 
procedure requires no trapping, no returning scheduled visits to check the traps and no dead animals inside the attic. 
All exclusion work costs are based on the amount of entry holes and the difficulty of sealing them period.
Rhino can handle the typical to the most demanding exclusion work. We have solved problems that many previous companies have been unable to solve. We would certainly like  a chance at solving your unwanted critter problem. Call right now to get things started 407.468.0305